Resort Activities


March - April - May

In spring, the ice usually leaves the lake in the middle of April. No winter sports, no summer sports, but a wonderfully quiet, restful getaway for that renewal of spirit so necessary in this hectic world of ours. Watch a movie on your own DVD player. Bring a book, borrow some board games, maybe make time to just sit and ponder.

Spring is a fabulous time to go hiking in Algonquin. The forest awakens with songs of the returning migrant birds and their elaborate mating rituals. Moose are in abundance and can easily be seen by the roadside eating the winter salt.

Algonquin has long been revered for its outstanding trout fishing in the Spring. It is not unusual to see streams of cars heading into the park. With the ice just out, it is time to get out the canoe and kayak and dip your blade into the still waters.